Bridges The Krijgsman Muiden

Year 2017-2018
Typology Moveable bridge
Location Muiden, NL
Client Municipality Gooise Meren
Collaboration Debuco, Mark Teeuw
Architects Syb van Breda, Ezgi Yüksel, Alkistis Krousti, Sabry Arfaoui

Bridges are complex functional machines with many components that as a whole ensure that traffic on water and land can move safely. In a place as special as the Muidertrekvaart with its beautiful trees and long sightlines, a carefully designed composition is essential. The most difficult task is bringing both types of bridges (traffic and bicycle bridges) that are very different in size and height together. We found the solution in an expressive construction that the Municipality of Gooise Meren has chosen as winner of the tender.