Library National Museum of Antiquities

Year 2012 - 2016
Typology Buildings
Location Leiden, NL
Client National Museum of Antiquities
Collaboration Bouwbureau De Wilde, Schouten en Muis, Langezaal en Inniger
Architects Syb van Breda, Tom de Weijer, Maikel Waterdrinker

The RMO has restructured its portfolio of buildings. In this transformation Syb van Breda & Co architects has made the design for a new library and flexible workspaces. The choice for a rolling archive reduced the area needed significantly, whilst doubling the book storage capacity. The rolling archive is surrounded by a multifunctional reception, study places for visitors and eight new staff working places. The ambiance in the library is crisp and clean, with light colored wooden furniture. Making the mostly beautiful old books extra special.